A Vision and a Spring

Moxie's Llama WaterWorks, LLC is your local bottler of pure natural spring water.

Legend has it that a man, Moxie Allie, living in a valley on the western edge of the Taconic Hills, grazed his sheep and llamas together on his land. One day, he realized that the llamas always brought the sheep to drink from the same area. Curious, Moxie had some tests done to that water. Turns out that the llamas had discovered pure, clean, refreshing spring water coming up from a gargantuan underground aquifer that possesses a natural filtration of sand and gravel. 

Moxie, understanding the wonderful resource he possessed, set off to share that spring water with others. Most banks at the time turned him away, thinking bottled water was just a "passing trend". In 1992, with a cooler and some bottles bought with Friday's paycheck, Moxie's Llama WaterWorks was up and running. 

Today, although the llamas and sheep are gone, the natural spring water is as pure as it was then. Thanks to the "passing trend" of bottled water, Moxie's Llama WaterWorks delivers and distributes natural spring water all over the state of New York. 

Our spring has a naturally-occurring, impressively low amount of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) level. This means our water is naturally free of chlorine, fluoride, uranium, and other harmful chemicals, keeping you healthy and safe. It also means our water doesn't have that "taste" that some water has.

The moral of the story is that our water is so good, we can't keep it to ourselves! We look forward to serving you, so give us a call at 518-283-4896 for more information about the best natural spring water you'll ever drink!